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InstaWire Dark Blonde Mix

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High Quality Human Hair

Beautiful Mixed Blonde InstaWire Secret Wire

Dark Blonde Mix

Product Specifications

Width 11" 100g - 140g

Width 12" 160g - 200g

Comes unlayered but can be layered on request (free service)

100% Remy Human Hair
Superior Grade 8 Quality
Full Cuticle remains intact preventing excess tangling, enhancing softness and shine
your hair can be washed, dried, straightened, curled & coloured
Our 'Secret Wire' system is attached in under 30 seconds
Extra Secure Secret Wire system

Product Benefits

Application is fast, effective and effortless
No clips, sewing, glue, tape or expertise needed
Strong durable wire system
Adds length
Adds thickness
Aids colour layering
Simply stunning results!

All our InstaWire pieces arrived already wired

Full instructions are provided along with an emergency replacement wire

*Our InstaWire wire is too strong to snap but can melt if touched with a straightener for example.. It's better to have the kit just incase ;-)