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Build Ur Hair - InstaGlam

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High Quality Human Hair 

Good day,

Our increased amount of custom made orders have given us an idea we think you will just love!

'Build Ur Hair' gives you the ability to create your very own 'Halo' or 'InstaGlam' piece!

This will allow you complete control over the width, size and colours used within your bespoke hair piece.

This option also allows you to control your expenditure as all aspects are costed for you as you build your perfect piece.

How does it work?

From the drop down boxes provided:

1) Choose your base colour

2) Choose your length

3) Choose your weight


Our regular size weft width (measurement across the head) is 10.5" this is a happy medium. 10" are recommended for smaller heads and 11" for larger head shapes or if you are looking for good side of head hair coverage.

How do I add my Highlight of lowlight colour to my order?

Now, take a look at our colours and take note of the additional colour you would like to have wefted through your hair, when you order your hair there will be an option for you to 'Add a note for the seller' this is where you add the colour name or number when you make your purchase. There is no additional fee for adding the colour as the costing has been included for you.

You could add additional information in the note, such as :

Note: (Halo Piece) Width Regular 10.5" My base colour is '4' Please add '613' in highlights just to the front of the piece, light layering required . You may also send additional pictures of the look you are trying to achieve or just contact us for advice and guidance at anytime

All items take 2-3 working days to complete... If you have left it a little late and are unsure whether your piece will be available in time for a special event, just drop us an email or message our homepage and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Happy hair building & Warmest wishes!