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Why is Exfoliation important?

Skin Exfoliation


This is why exfoliation is important!

Here is a little about the removal of dead skin cells you may like to know. Desquamation is the fancy name given to the skins natural process of shedding.

The skin is constantly renewing, as the skin renews, the old skin gets further away from the nutrient rich part of the skin which is called the Dermis. The further a skin cell moves from the Dermis, the less oils each cell has within and the closer to becoming a dust particle it becomes.

Now..your body sheds this top layer by itself constantly, this counts for much of the dust that we see around our homes, but not all the dead cells are easily removed and many are resistant to a face cleanser or wipe.

I liken the dead skin cells to that wonderful brush on glue from junior school that you would paste on your hands when the teachers weren’t looking, leave dry until you have a waterproof layer, only to slowly peel it from your skin, producing a gruesome display of snake like shedding to horrifying your classmates …Ah fond memories! The glue is very representative of the top layers of the Epidermis which sits on the nutrient rich Dermis that we talked about earlier. The Epidermis is made up of 5 layers of skin (the layers we can see) These layers, as well as providing us with a waterproof coating, so we can enjoy bubble bath, also allow us to look youthful and radiant. A poorly or well maintained Epidermal layer can cause us to look tired or rested, mature or youthful, dull or radiant.. There is another reason for a happy epidermal layer.. if you keep these layers clear and debris free, creams and treatments can penetrate further and more effectively towards the Dermis.

The Dermis holds the nerve endings, blood supply, sweat glands, sebaceous glands etc.. basically it is the root to a youthful new you, but you have to get past the Epidermis first.

When you are applying creams with price tags ranging from £5 - £1000 to an unexfoliated skin, you will feel the cream sitting on the skin as appose to being absorbed into the skin. I am sure you have tried skincare in the past because of the rave reviews only to find it has had little to no effect on you, the lack of exfoliation is more than likely the reason why.