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Crystal Clear - Microdermabrasion


Crystal Clear Salon Treatment

Let’s chat exfoliation at a professional level, salon treatment exfoliation!

The Crystal Clear brand, I would say, is one of the best on the market in terms of Microdermabrasion, I have seen amazing results in the salon from post-pregnancy stretch mark reduction to the reduction of deep furrowed lines across the frontalis (forehead). This treatment, although at times can feel a little prickly, certainly let’s you know that you have had something done! The blast and suction of the Microdermabrasion machine even captures the dead skin particles back into a jar for you to see the deep cleanse action of the treatment as an added incentive to further continue with your course of treatments this I found to be very fascinating to my clients post treatment, especially clients that had Acne or blocked pores, it is very satisfying to see the post treatment grime sitting in a little jar away from your face!

Why would I want a professional microdermabrasion?

Well, it would be difficult to find a client that would not benefit from this treatment other than those with hyper sensitive skin or persistent Rosacea – Acne Rosacea. Clients suffering Rosacea for example will be looking for a treatment that would calm their skin, this mild abrasive procedure would not be of benefit to such a skin type as the Rosacea would become measurably more irritated. Clients that are suffering with a severe outbreak of Acne for example would not benefit from Microdermabrasion during the outbreak as this could cause open wounds to become even more exposed. Acne for example can be positively affected by this procedure when the timing is right in terms of the clients skin. Your dermatologist, skin therapist, beauty therapist would assess your skin condition prior to a course recommendation during your initial consultation. A knowledgeable skin therapist really is worth their weight in gold, once you find your therapist a whole world of skin and body improvements will open up to you guided by your very own invested beauty professional, until you find her or indeed him let me be your middle woman, I will do my best to guide you..




Clinically proven the Crystal Clear skin treatment performs a progressive rather than an aggressive treatment over a course of treatments. However, results can be seen even after the very first treatment. Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion offers a safe, controlled method of skin exfoliation allowing superficial peeling of the Stratum Corneum reducing its thickness through mechanical abrasion of the dead skin cells. By placing the hand piece on to the skin and covering the micro-switch, a flow of crystals will impinge directly on to the skin surface. The speed of the crystals together with their abrasive nature can gently remove the epidermal cells layer by layer. Used crystals and dead skin cells are drawn away through the vacuum action.

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Exfoliation depth can be varied and allows for the controlled exfoliation of the Stratum Corneum which promotes a smoother fresher skin to emerge thus correcting surface irregularities

The perfect choice for dull, uneven skin or for skin that just needs an instant radiance boost. If you are in need of a quick skin boost then our camera-ready crystal blast is the perfect choice. Crystals are blasted very precisely at the skin surface at varying speeds and the dead skin cells are removed through the vacuum action to reveal smoother, brighter, more radiant skin. Treatment is completed with our beautiful hydration mask that locks in moisture and provides an invisible second skin effect. Results are evident after a single treatment but for more intense results a course of treatments will offer simply staggering improvements.

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Any scar that is raised can be smoothed and any scar that is depressed can be blended to make it look less noticeable. Think of sandblasting a wall to create a smoother finish and that is literally what Microdermabrasion offers. This is undoubtedly the most precise treatment for scar work, as your skincare practitioner can utilise varying depths and speeds of crystal flow to offer a bespoke treatment that makes any scar more polished and less noticeable.

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Skin is buffed, polished and smoothed while lines and wrinkles are softened. The precise action of the crystal flow can work at various depths to address the concerns of a more mature skin.

Results are evident immediately with a softer appearance to lines and wrinkles, while the skin is super polished and the vacuum action lifts and firms muscles.

A one-off treatment will show impressive results, however, for more intensive results a course of treatments will be recommended as various levels can be administered for more intensive results. Treatment is completed with our beautifully hydrating lifting mask that locks in moisture and provides an invisible second skin effect.

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There are many other reasons to look into this salon treatment with Crystal Clear, I have named the most common reasons for choosing it based on my experience with clients over the past 10 years, but there are many reasons to choose Microdermabrasion. It is one of those treatments that does not jump out at you in a salon setting as the one to choose, unless you have a skin correction need such as for stretch mark diminishment or to blend uneven skin tone but it should be used to promote clear skin also as a prevention instead of cure, certainly a must for brides in the run up to their wedding. Your last treatment should ideally stop 7 days prior to the wedding as the skin will shed and renew during the days post treatment.


I will revisit this brand at a later date as there is still so much to chat about in terms of the new range of supporting products that crystal Clear now has on the market, I would like to chat about how effective they are and if they are worth the price tag. I will also be reviewing other Microdermabrasion salon brands on the market in the coming weeks.