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InstaBoost it!

Posted by Kelly Morgan on

If you haven't quite got the thickness you deserve..InstaBoost It!

We have been creating and selling hair for our customers for many years and it is a misconception that clients are always looking for the long flowing hair that we see on much of social media. 

Much of the time clients ask, 'Do you have a lightweight piece that will blend with my hair naturally?'

This makes up over half of our emails.. Surprising ay!

Well, what is more surprising it the enviable hair that we see in a bob or shoulder length cut may have a little booster sneakily clipped/wired within :-)

It sounds sinister I must admit huhuhu.. but it probably is the case. 

With the amount of calls and emails we have on this matter we have added a InstaBoost section, this is by no means exhaustive as you can have any colour, shape, size created but it gives you an idea and base from which to start when contacting us.

Take a look, email us and let's get you Boosted!

Best Wishes

Halo Esque x

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