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Posted by Kelly Morgan on

Exfoliation is the absolute foundation of any product available on the market today

I cannot stress the importance of this first step in skincare enough!

Without desquamation (removal of dead skin cells) the best skin care products in the world will do nothing but loiter on top of sheaths of dead cells making your skin look crepey and oily...

As I am sure you will agree, this is not the look most of us are going for..

So, one of the most neglected products in the skincare market is in fact the cheapest..

So much so in fact that for some it is completely free, I shall explain.. Many years ago I did spot an amazingly goddess like Spanish woman on a beach in Menorca whilst on a family vaccation, she was poised and beautiful sat on the shoreline with the sea gently lapping against her perfectly toned and tanned body, she had the most perfect glistening skin!! As I looked admiringly at her poise and elegance she picked up a handful of sand and begun a whole exfoliation process on her body!

‘Exfoliating with pure sand!’ I chuckled, 'She will feel that in the morning!’

With that a young boy appeared, around 12.. This perfect specimen of a woman had birthed a child?! It cannot be so .. I have 2 boys and my stomach has refused to go that flat ever since birthing them despite my constant objections to its protrusion! 

She proceeded to walloped a big lump of sand on his back, rubbed it in, then rolled him up and down the shoreline through the wet sand? Hmmm.. (no, not the whole shoreline, that would have taken up a considerable part of their day 😊). Non the less a considerable amount of rolling commenced!

Now, their skin was out of this world.. It was something to behold, so despite my knowledge of skincare, I decided against my better judgement and give this a go....

I went for a swim, took some wet sand, mother and son had gone by this point I may add.. and started my whole body exfoliation..

My husband looked on with equal measures of disbelief and amusement as I happily removed all the skin from my body.. notice the lack of the word ‘dead’. 

'Mother of 10 Marys"! Ahhhhhh!!

"Oh my days!" Let’s just say, this was not my finest beauty moment! I should have used a little of my knowledge, failing that, a little common sense would have done but alas, I had fallen prey to advertising of sorts.

We can all relate to this.. An advert for the latest product or beauty gadget, the ‘do it at home’ bikini waxing strips that get cold too quickly and get stuck where you really don’t want them to, only to get torturously and slowly peeled away from the skin to reveal an array of blood spots and random hairless patches. Beauty specialists and consumers alike, we have all experiences a plethora of these little beauty shockers together in our quest to see which products work and which are just money wasting gimmicks.

I have gone through a few of my favourite exfoliation products for you here that I think pass the Q.C.E TEST, this is my ‘Quick, Convenient & Effective’ Test. I use this when finding the right products for a busy lifestyle. Products have to do a great job but they also have to be timesavers to lock into our busy lifestyles.


Here are my top picks..