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A little about Me..

Posted by Kelly Morgan on

I am a Beauty Specialist, Educator, Assessor, Internal Verifier, Brand Owner, Company Director, Entrepreneur and now blogger. I have been in the beauty industry for over 25 years, I am married, have two children and live in the UK. My love of the Hair & Beauty Industry has taken me from the Queens town of residence ‘Windsor’ to the beautiful Parisian streets of Paris where I advanced my career in all things beauty from advance laser hair removal systems to elite brand training and product development.

I have decided after much deliberation to take the plunge and write a blog. I hope this will be of interest to you as I trial and test the latest brands, treatments and must haves whilst adding what I think will be valuable tips and tricks you can use in your everyday life to get the most out of your daily beauty routines.

To me there really is no better industry in the world, I am very excited to take you on this blogging journey with me..